Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m out on the west coast, so getting this to all a little later in the day today.
Still no luck for me last week… the money pick would’ve been Cleveland. Hope someone went all in on them! The Houston pick didn’t come through, although it was close.
Base pick score: 70

This week is showing to be a low scoring one, as there are only 14 games with mostly low win probabilities. This could mean a good week to take some chances. Here’s the chart for this week:

Green picks: Cleveland (35% win probability, 9% picked) over Denver and Washington (29%, 8%) over the Jets (the Jets have that high of a win probability?)
Yellow picks: KC behind C. West (one of the best names I’ve ever seen) (35%, 15%), New Orleans (37%, 12%), Pittsburgh (39%, 17%)
Blue picks: I put Philly (65%, 61%) over the Giants in there… their win probability is pretty high for the % picked. The other two are Detroit (61%, 63%) and Houston (51%, 57%).
Again, this week is showing to have pretty low win probabilities and only 14 teams. It’s due to be low scoring.