Welcome to Week 6 of the NFL season! Last week was probably the worst fantasy/pick em football week of the season for me. 0-3 in my fantasy leagues (including losing to a team with 3 starters on bye) and 0-4 on money picks for my confidence leagues. I sure hope your week was better. Congrats to my dad who took 2nd place at least! And to @Henry, who has won for 4 weeks in a row! How did you do?

Base pick score from last week: 71
Base picks for this week:
Updated Sat 11:30 AM Eastern


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Updated Sat 11:30 AM Eastern

The star of the show this week looks like Carolina, with a 62% win probability with only 35% picked. Cam Newton is looking like he’s ready to come back, so keep an eye on that. Update Thursday: And he’s still in the concussion protocol. This is looking like a gamble pick… high reward if it works out!
Green picks: We’re at the point of the season where the green picks are becoming more high risk/high reward. This week, Miami, SF, and Cleveland are about even in terms of green picks. Around 25% win probability with less than 10% picking. Update Thursday: The NYJ now have been added to this group.
Yellow picks: Dallas, SD, and KC are the yellow picks, with KC being the best one with 50% win prob. SD and Dallas are slightly higher risk higher reward. Update Saturday: KC is looking REALLY good, as now they’re favored. 
Blue picks: One word: Carolina. Looking really good with only 35% picked, however I’m guessing people will wise up to the fact Cam Newton will likely play, so this may change as the week goes on. Update Thursday: See above re: Cam Newton still being in concussion protocol.
Good luck to all!