Welcome to Week 7! We had myriad money picks hit last week, including SD, Dallas, and Miami. Of course, I picked SF to go all in on. Congrats to @Barbara, @Dave, @Neal Benoit,  and @Frank on their wins!
Big question, did @Henry Rearden win for the 5th week in a row thanks to his wife’s picks (wink wink)? Henry’s office thinks his wife is the reason for his success. We’ll just make that our running secret.

Base pick score from last week: 82
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Base picks for this week:
Updated Sat 8:00 PM Eastern


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Updated Sat 8:00 PM Eastern

Green picks: San Diego over Atlanta is the pick of the week, with 30% win probability but only 5% picked. Hou over Den (Osweiler’s revenge!) and Pit over NE (Landry Jones takes down Brady!) are the other green picks. Update Thursday: Add Chicago over GB to the green pick list. 
Yellow picks: Jacksonville is a monster pick here, 52% win prob with only 21% picked. Phi over Min and Mia over Buf round out the yellow picks. Update Thursday: The NYJ are now the best yellow pick, with 55% win probability 
Blue picks: Ten over Ind and NYG over the Rams are pretty good blue picks this week, both under 60%. But if you want a blue type pick, go with Jacksonville which is so good it’s yellow. Update Thursday: Ten over Indy is looking less attractive now that it’s 60% picked, and add the Jets game as another that’s such a good blue pick it’s yellow.
Good luck to all!