UPDATE 10/24: Big Ben listed as doubtful, making KC a favorite this week and a high blue pick. 
Week 7 is upon us! Congrats to @TheBaldOne, who wrapped up a money week with a triple blue pick strategy in his 21 team league. My all in pick did not hit again, although Cleveland took the Broncos into overtime before falling. However, it was encouraging that this time if my all-in pick hit, I would’ve taken home a first place prize. The last few weeks I still wouldn’t have won if my money pick hit, which is painful. It may have helped bumping Philly up to 14.

If you won last week, share your strategy in the comments, like @TheBaldOne did!
On to this week’s picks. The Pittsburgh line is off right now because we don’t know if Big Ben will be playing. If the line updates, I will post it. I assigned them a win probability of 65%, based loosely off the public pick percentage. Big Ben is now listed as doubtful, making KC the favorite.

  • A good green pick this week, with Tennessee (33% win prob, only 3% picked!) over Atlanta. Another option is Oakland (33%, 9%) over San Diego.
  • Yellow picks are Houston (34%, 16%) over Miami and Philly over Carolina (39%, 16%)
  • One mediocre blue pick this week with Minnesota (58%, 56%) over Detroit.
  • Update 10/24: Kansas City (58%, 24%) is now a great blue pick. I expect that people will catch on and the 24% picked will go up, but it’s still a great bump up pick if your league allows you to make changes up to kickoff.

Good luck!