Welcome to Week 8! My money pick finally hit this week, with San Diego coming back to beat Atlanta in an OT thriller. However it only got me 5th place, as the first place person inexplicably got all but one pick right! How did you do this week?

Base pick score from last week: 79
Base picks for this week:
Note: Jets vs Cleveland has no line as of now, basing the win probability off mathematical models that don’t take into account news. I will update as I have more info.
Update Wednesday: We have a line on all games! It looks like a very low scoring week with a lot of upsets brewing. 
Updated Wed 8:50 PM Eastern


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Updated Wed 8:50 PM Eastern

Strange week this week so far, there’s a lot of uncertainty. Top pick New England is only at a 71% win probability. It may be a good week to take some shots and pick some upsets. If things change, I will post an update. Update Wed: Uncertainty has gotten worse. It looks like a low scoring week with a lot of upsets.
Green picks:  Washington and Jacksonville are good picks, but with a little more risk you can take Buffalo or Chicago and beat more people with higher confidence picks. But then again, picking against New England… Update Wed: Chicago is looking like the best money pick this week. Bears fans rejoice.
Yellow picks: Tampa Bay over Oakland is a great pick, with a 54% win probability. Update Wed: Indianapolis joins the ranks. 
Blue picks: Another great pick, Carolina at 60% win probability. Update Wed: Still Carolina, but it’s gotten worse.