The 2015 season is almost half over as we enter Week 8!
Last week’s money pick to hit was Oakland over SD. For those who were able to switch the KC pick after Big Ben was listed as doubtful came out ahead as well. Anyone take the win this week?

Base pick points for Week 7: 77
Also quick survey, just want to see what platform you all use for your confidence pools so I can create better content:

On to week 8. We have one “off” game, that is Houston vs Tennessee due to Mariota’s uncertain status: Update 10/30: Mariota is now OUT for the game.

The best green pick this week is Cleveland over Arizona (33% win probability, 4% picked). The other ones include Dallas over Seattle (29%, 9%) and Indy over Carolina (27%, 7%).
One very good yellow pick this week, mainly because other potential yellow picks are actually worse than the green picks. It’s (gasp!) Denver over GB (41%, 19%). If you’re in a smaller league, this may be a pretty good pick as a 41% win probability for a money pick is very good. For my league it may be a good homer contrarian pick since it’s mostly Packer fans. Update 10/30: Detroit over KC (37%, 18%) has inched into yellow pick territory. 
A good blue pick this week as well, Baltimore over SD (61%, 61%). These picks might be important, as I’ve noticed in my league hitting the money pick hasn’t been enough. I might have to do secondary all-in picks, and the blue ones might be it.
Best of luck this week!