It’s hard to win when it takes perfection to win. As previously mentioned, this week was filled with heavy favorites and only 13 games. The winner only missed one game and was 2 points away from perfection. The only thing I can do is to go with the highest win probabilities and hope for the best! Interestingly, the winner this week’s team name was “AnIgnoramous.” Also another note… Dad finished below me. He went with a lot of upsets.
My all in pick this week was Philly over the Giants. It was puzzling to me because Philly was down to rookie Matt Barkley as their QB, but both the moneyline and the ANS projections had Philly with a pretty good win probability. Granted, ANS doesn’t take into account injuries, but the Moneyline does. Turns out Michael Vick did play, but got injured during the game. Still, I would’ve only tied with a bunch of other people for 3rd if Philly would’ve won.
My picks: