Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Finally, took first place this week. Bad news is it was on a Denver over GB money pick (along with a Baltimore bump up pick). Denver totally dominated my Packers… but at least taking first place was a consolation prize.
Base pick score from last week: 86
Have some congratulations in order for some of the CPP readers:

  • @WMLAT for winning Week 7 with an Oakland all-in pick
  • @pmac for winning Week 8 with the Denver pick
  • @GWEN for ALMOST taking first place with the Denver pick

Take a victory lap if you were in the money this week! Post what place, how big your league is, and what strategy you used in the comments.

And now on to Week 9:

Green picks are Indy over Denver (32% win prob, 8% picked… Stick it to them Indy!) and SF over Atlanta (27%, 6%). Maybe Blaine Gabbert’s career will get re-launched with a signature win?
We have one awesome yellow pick this week, and that’s TB over NYG (43%, 17%). The other one is Chicago over SD (35%, 12%)
Two blue picks: Philly over Dallas (58%, 62%) and Minnesota over St. Louis (57%, 60%). With the great yellow pick this week, those in bigger leagues might consider a blue/yellow all in combo.
Best of luck, let’s see if we can continue the success from last week!