I’m in the money! I’m in the money! So yours truly finally got on the scoreboard this week with a 2nd place finish with the Chicago pick hitting. I was close to hitting a second money pick in another league with Washington, which would’ve netted me a 3rd place finish. How did you do?

Base pick score from last week: 70
Apparently, there weren’t as many upsets as there should have been this week. Turns out the favorites all decided to win.
Base picks for this week:
Updated Sat 9:15 PM Eastern


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Updated Sat 9:15 PM Eastern

What last week was to uncertainty, this week isn’t… We have five games that have a win probability of 70% or above, and yellow picks so good they’re green picks.
Green picks:  SF over NO and TB over Atlanta are great picks with high 30’s win probability and % picked between 9% and 11%. If you want to take more risk, Cleveland and Indy are both teams almost no one has picked but still has a 25% win probability. Update Thursday: The TB and SF picks have gotten better. 
Yellow picks: None. Yellow picks are so good they’re green picks! Saturday update: We’ll sneak in LA as a yellow pick, but the green picks are better. 
Blue picks: Baltimore with a 56% win probability but only 36% picked. Update Thursday: Add the Giants in there too. Update Saturday: Remove Baltimore, they’re no longer favored. 
Good luck!