2023-24 Superbowl Squares and Confidence Picks

It’s time for the Superbowl! Many of us will be participating in Superbowl parties, where we’re the only ones who actually want to watch the football game that’s going on in the spectacle. We do have the one last regular confidence pick for the Superbowl, if anyone’s still doing it, but it’s basically and 50/50 for win probability and pick percentage. So flip a coin!

For many of us, we’ll be doing something like Superbowl squares. You put your name on a 10 x 10 grid, the host picks the numbers for each column, and you cheer for a certain score at the end of each quarter. This requires very little strategy, but we did come up with some strategies you could use if you’re looking to go for big wins:

Superbowl Squares Analysis – Increasing your chances of winning big

We’ve also created a squares win probability calculator once all the picks have been made. Just enter in the names and the numbers for each column, and you’ll know how likely you are to win:

Super Bowl Squares – Your custom win probability chart

Good luck! Keep in touch, stay on our email list, as we’ll have March Madness picks coming up next.

Here are this week’s picks

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