Your Premium membership includes:

  • The 2024 season
  • Base picks for regular/straight up and against the spread confidence pools
  • Money picks for regular/straight up, against the spread, and survivor pools (What is a money pick?)
  • Suggested low, medium, and high risk picks for each game each week. You decide how you want to play it!
  • Predicted scores for each game to help with your league tiebreakers.
  • A community forum to discuss picks, ask for advice, and gloat about your wins!
  • Picks trends (any changes in base pick points, win probability, pick percentage, and money pick status)

Other features in the works:

  • Custom analysis of your league

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  • Base picks, which will get you most of the way there.

What people are saying:

“Awesome year, my two pools paid out and a bit over. One pool I have yet to collect took year-end first place, thank you.”


“Thanks for a great year. Won a few weeks and first overall by a LOT…..great season. Thanks Dale.”


“Just want to say thanks for another great year. I never had high score for a week, but still won overall and took home a cool $1125.”


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