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What’s new for this year: 

  • A full year (12 months) of picks no matter when you sign up during the season for $30
  • Classic Confidence Pool Picks, Against the Spread picks, and Survivor Pool all included

Your Premium membership includes:

  • Base picks, which will get you most of the way there.
  • The money picks to win the week for straight up pools (What is a money pick?)
  • Suggested low, medium, and high risk picks for each week. You decide how you want to play it!
  • Predicted scores for each game to help with your league tiebreakers.

All these games:

  • Classic Confidence Pool Picks (Straight-up, no spread)
  • Against the Spread Confidence Pool Picks
  • Survivor Pool Picks

Coming soon:

  • Regular Straight-up picks (no Confidence, no spread)
  • Against the spread picks (no Confidence)

Other features in the works:

  • Historical picks trends
  • Community and discussion board
  • Custom analysis of your league

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