Poll: Which host do you use for your league?

Hello CPP nation! Hope you’re having a good off-season, but it’s almost time to start thinking about football!

We recently got an email from a reader asking for recommendations for a pool hosting site:

“I’m reaching out to see if you can help me. I was recently notified that my long-time NLF football pool hosting site, Pigskin Pick’em at www.pigskinpickem.com, has decided to close and will no longer be hosting pools for the upcoming season. I’ve used the site to host my pool for 15+ years and don’t know anything about other sites that host pools. I’m wondering if you have any recommendations I should consider.

We really liked the ease of use on the site and the ability to easily send out notifications to the pool members. I’m hoping I can find something similar at a reasonable cost so I can continue to host my annual weekly pool.

Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.”

Please share the host you use for your site, and put in the comments why you like that site, or if you have recommendations for other sites. This would be so helpful for all of us!

What host do you use for your confidence pool leagues?
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