2020 Test Confidence Pool Picks

Welcome to Week 2 of the 2020 NFL Season! Here is our review of Week 1: Green Picks (Season record: 1-1) The green picks for week 1 were: 1) Bills vs. Jets, and 2) Eagles vs. Washington Football team Our (green/high risk) Washington pick hit! Washington had 30% chance to win the game, and they successfully pulled off the upset

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2019 Week 20 Premium Picks – Championship Round

The divisional round is complete and we're down to four teams - SFO, TEN, KCC, GBP. SFO easily dispatched Minnesota as they crushed the soul of the Viking run game early (21 team rushing yards!) and consistently got pressure on Cousins (6 sacks). The Titans kept to their blueprint of controlling the game with the run (217 rushing yards). BAL was

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2019 Week 19 Premium Picks – Divisional Round

Wild Card Weekend!!!!!! Just incredible. I can't remember another year where every single wild card game came down to one possession and the final drive mattering. Let's just hope we get a couple good games in the divisional round as we could be facing down quite a few blowouts. Here's a review of last week's picks: Yellow Pick - PHI, which

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