Week 13 Survivor Pool Picks

Week 12: Lucked out in the one-strike contest pool because I went with NE instead of Dallas, so I'm still alive there! Lotsa teams went down this week with Dallas losing and having low win probabilities this week. Since we are getting close to the end in many leagues, I'm going to do some analysis that will help you plan out

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Week 12 Survivor Pool Picks

Week 11: I struck out in another league this week, as I hit my third strike with the TEN pick. It was rough, I hit three strikes in 4 weeks. Here are the picks for Week 12, which is looking like a lot of teams will get strikes this week as our top pick is only a 75% win probability. Blue

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Week 11 Survivor Pool Picks

Week 10: Quite the bloodbath with so many big upsets. I survived the Yahoo MGM contest by picking Buffalo last week. Here are the picks for Week 11: Blue pick (lowest risk): CLE and TEN are good value here at over 80% win probability and only 4 more wins left in the season. Yellow pick (medium risk): NE is a good

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Week 10 Survivor Pool Picks

Week 9: Hope you didn't pick Dallas. Here are the picks for Week 10: Blue pick (lowest risk): BUF is the safe pick again 87%. Yellow pick (medium risk): IND is a good value again, but the best pick this week is PIT at 80% and only 3 predicted wins remaining. Green pick (high risk, high rewards): Nothing really jumped out

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Week 9 Survivor Pool Picks

Week 8 showed some bad upsets, including my first strike with Cincinnati. Here are the picks for Week 9: Blue pick (lowest risk): BUF is the safe pick at 89%, but I'm guessing many of us have burned that pick already. Wednesday update: BUF has gone up to 91% Yellow pick (medium risk): IND is a good value here at 82%

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