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      Dale Ting

      We asked CPP Nation recently what rules their leagues used. We got some interesting results, from payout distribution to penalties for missed picks an
      [See the full post at: Unique Rules From our Readers’ Leagues]

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      75% of the week’s fee goes to two week payout, the rest goes to season end. The two payout every week is first place, and a random spot that is announced after all picks are in but before the first game. 75% to the week’s winner & 25% to the random spot.

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      Yes! It doubles the number of people who win each week, and keeps people interested through the whole weekend! Plus, as the season progresses, I pick the random spot where there are holes in the standings of no weekly winners. That of course doesn’t guarantee then anything, but hopefully gives them a slightly better chance of hitting the random. By the end of every season, over 50% of the members have at least won something!

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      Our pool includes a “Quatro” pool paid out to the two top point leaders over the previous four weeks. It’s paid every week beginning week four (Weeks 1-4, then 2-5, 3-6, etc., to the end of the season). This is in addition to the weekly and season pay-outs.

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      Brian Mee

      Our league has 10 players. You play head to head for 14 weeks,(similar to FF format) Top 6 go to playoffs starting week 15 with top two players getting a bye. $25 payout to the 5 weekly winners during the season. You can switch your picks 5 minutes before each game starts. Sunday night and Monday night switches are common. Double switches too. Champion gets $600, 2nd $300, 3rd $150, 4th $100, 5th $70, 6th $30. This is our 4th year with this format and it makes for some great strategy and second guessing.

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