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      Joyce Buala

      Here are the preliminary picks & recap. A lot of funny results right now (two money picks actually have 60%+ win probability). Stay tuned update t
      [See the full post at: Week 7 Regular Confidence Pool Picks]

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      What’s also weird is the NOS were picked to win as late as the hour before TNF at 1 conf point level, and now (Sat pm) they are listed at 3 conf points after losing. I think the algorithm needs to be tweaked to cancel recalculating probabilities after the game is played so that the team stays in it’s last conf level position prior to the game commencing.

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        Well said. I have thought the exact same thing for years.

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          Dale Ting

          We’ll be working on this… The issue is my spreadsheet skills aren’t good enough to figure this out, so we’re bringing in some help.

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      I’m also seeing the Suggested picks by risk table not updating to account for the change in Base picks throughout the week. Shouldn’t this be in the same order as the Base outside of the “Risk” pick? I can’t rely on this table for picks as it’s so inconsistent.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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