2021 Week 2 Confidence Pool Picks

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Winner winner chicken dinner!

Took first place in our Confidence Pool Picks™ Confidence Pool (CPPCP) with the New Orleans and Arizona green/yellow combo pick. Unfortunately the only thing I get is the chance to keep my own money I\’m putting out for prizes.

Last week there were a ton of upsets, so there\’s a chance someone got lucky and hit a bunch. In the long run, there aren\’t as many upsets.

We are happy to announce two free games to join, a Confidence Pool Pick™ Survivor Pool and a Confidence Pool Pick™ Against the Spread Pool. You only need to be on our email list to join and win prizes! (Unfortunately our regular Confidence Pool is full).

Join our email list here.

Here are the FREE picks for the week. [Wednesday update: No major changes. The Chargers pick gets even better!]

[confidence page=\”free_pick\” week=\’2\’ season=\’2021\’]

Following is a FREE preview of Premium Member content, which includes money picks and low, medium, and high risk picks.

***FREE preview Premium Member content***

Here are your PREMIUM picks. This week the win probabilities are higher, so there should be less chances for upsets. Adjust accordingly.

[Wednesday update: No major changes. The Chargers pick gets even better!]

[Thursday update: The teams below the top 3 are really tightly packed around the 60-70% win probability. This could potentially mean a lot of upsets and lower average scoring.]

[Saturday update: Ran some numbers, it looks like this week\’s average win probability is actually slightly higher than last week. So slightly less upsets.]

[confidence page=\”premium_pick\” week=\’2\’ season=\’2021\’]

Green Picks: 1. IND 2. MIN – Both are great green picks this week, as they are 33-35% win probabilities but only 6-7% picked.

Yellow Picks: No yellows at the moment, the green picks are too good. Go with one of them!

Blue Picks: LAC. At only 38% picked but 60% win probability, as of right now the Chargers should be bumped up the charts, at least to 10+. [Wednesday update: LAC is now an even better pick, up to 63% win probability and down to 37% picked.] [Saturday update: People are on to us on the Chargers pick. It went up to 42% picked.]

And here are the low, medium, and high risk picks for the week. Note the \”Some Risk\” and \”Med Risk\” are the same because the picks are extra good so far.

[confidence page=\”risk_team\” week=\’2\’ season=\’2021\’]

Like what you see? Click here to get your premium picks now!


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