2021 Week 3 Confidence Pool Picks

Welcome to Week 3! It\’s time for more Confidence Pool Picks.

Here are your PREMIUM picks.

[confidence page=\”premium_pick\” week=\’3\’ season=\’2021\’]

[Thursday update: CIN replaces MIN as our yellow pick after some more research and news.]

[Saturday update: SEA has dropped 2 and LAR is now favored over TB]

Green Picks: 1. MIA and 2. IND have the green light as our green picks this week. MIA has a 35% chance of winning but are being only picked 5% of the time, while IND has a slightly lower win prob at 30% with 6% picked.

Yellow Picks: CIN is our lone yellow pick this week as they head to Pit and face off against the Steelers.

Blue Picks: SF is the blue pick at 63% win prob but only 54% picked. Will George Kittle ever get an haircut?

And here are the low, medium, and high risk picks for the week:

Our Risk Table is as of Thursday!

[confidence page=\”risk_team\” week=\’3\’ season=\’2021\’]


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