Week 5 Regular Confidence Pool Picks

Hello fellow Confidence Pool Competitors! We hope everyone enjoyed the first four weeks of the 2022 NFL Season! There were some upsets and fantastic matchups during this past week!! Our Green, one of our yellow, and our blue picks hit!!! What a game between the Seahawks and the Lions! If you played one of the players on those team, chances are your fantasy team did super well! Hopefully some of you were able to take advantage of our pick selections and won some weeks! Without further ado, here are the Week 5 picks and analysis!

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9 thoughts on “Week 5 Regular Confidence Pool Picks”

  1. Justin Wybenga

    Understand from updated %’s that DAL and CIN are out as yellow picks, but confused from conflicting description/graphics on whether recommending ARI at 32%/15% or NYJ at 38%/24% as the 4th yellow (after WAS, CLE, and IND)… can you please clarify?

  2. Med. Risk column has both CAR and SFO as picks. This cannot be as they are playing each other.

    1. Hey Stephen, yes we’re taking a little more risk with these picks as I noticed that in many leagues just a green pick wasn’t doing it. So we’re adding a yellow pick into the mix as well for the high risk.

      1. Stephen Dick

        Gotcha. But is the yellow (Washington) pick supposed to be in the “some risk” category
        and in the “high risk” category at the same time? Same goes for the green pick: Carolina is in the “medium risk” category as well as the “high risk” category.

        Not to mention that the blue pick (NEP) is not even on the “Suggested pick by risk” chart. I would have expected the blue pick to be in the “some risk” category.

        1. You’re right… We’re trying out adding a little more risk into each pick because I’ve noticed that even when they hit, you still don’t get first place. So, for the highest risk, we’re doubling up on the upset money picks. For the med and some risk we’re going with one yellow and one green respectively. You can still use the blue pick if you want to go even less risk.

          You can adjust your risk tolerance accordingly, we’ve upped it a bit 🙂

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