Week 5 Survivor/Strike Pool Picks

Survivor Picks

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What the colors mean

Blue (lower risk): These teams have higher win probability, but they’re also better teams that may be good to save for future games.

Yellow (Medium risk): In between blue and green picks.

Green (high risk): Higher risk picks. Less of a chance of winning, but if you can get lucky, you can keep the good teams in your pocket for later on in the season.

Things to consider

Win probability: This is the most important. If you lose you get a strike or if you’re in a one strike pool, you’re out. So you want teams that have a high shot of winning.

Total expected wins: These are how many wins a team is predicted to have this season. This is important because you can only pick a team once in a year, and if a team is really good and will win a lot of games in the season, you would want to save them for later picks.

% picked: This tells us how much of the public has picked this team. With all else being equal, you want to pick a team that less people have picked.

4 thoughts on “Week 5 Survivor/Strike Pool Picks”

  1. Justin Wybenga

    Anyone else getting a “Google sheets, sorry unable to open file at this time” message where the graphic of suggested picks usually is? Never had any issues in prior weeks, but apologies if this is just an error on my end

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