CPP League Survivor Pool Winner

We would like to congratulate Kevin’s Karky on their victory as they lasted past Week 14! And a big thank you to all the participants who took part in the pool. Our runners up were the 509ers, Mike’s Mind-Blowing Pick Set, Show Me Your TD’s, and Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy who were eliminated in Week 14.

As a prize for their win, Kevin’s Karky will receive a free entry to the 2022 CPP season and a $50 Amazon gift card.

We can’t wait to see you all back for another exciting season of CPP Survivor pool next year!

If you’re interested in joining our free games next year, sign up on our email list below. Only email participants get to join 🙂

1 thought on “CPP League Survivor Pool Winner”

  1. Scott Larson

    Congrats Karky! Show Me Your TD’s battled hard but you dominated in all leagues. Nice work

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