CPP League Against the Spread Confidence Pool Results – Congrats to winners!

A big congratulations to the top performers in our Confidence Pool Picks league!

Leading the pack is Eagles60 with an impressive 108 points, including 58 weekly points and 50 season points. I’d like to know where you’re getting your info. Or if you’re a Vegas bookie.

Coming in close behind is Donkeys, earning a total of 50 points with 25 weekly points and 25 season points.

And in third place, we have Postal022 with a solid 24 points.

Great job to all participants, and we look forward to having you all back for the next season of CPP league. If you are a winner, please contact us via email (reply to the emails that we send you). Thanks and good luck for next year!

If you’re interested in joining our free games next year, sign up on our email list below. Only email participants get to join 🙂

1st2nd3rdWeekly PtsSeasonTotal
Stritz Picks2012323
Wild Ting1111818
Win or Go home1101515
Laissez les bon temps rouler1101515
Moodyjohns Magiacl Mystery Pix0201010
La Mera Chingona1001010
Dillon ‘Em Softly01055
Arnies Army00133

5 thoughts on “CPP League Against the Spread Confidence Pool Results – Congrats to winners!”

  1. Edward Schleinkofer

    BTW, I’m not a Vegas bookie either. My picks are from knowledge of over 30 years playing in pools. You have to consider ALL factors that have an impact on the game. …..Eddie

  2. Edward Schleinkofer

    Dale…….Not sure you’re associated with CCP but I won the ATS Category and I’ve heard nothing in an email. My team was Eagles60. Please let me know IF I won and how to collect my $50 amazon gift card.
    BTW, Yes I’ve been pretty good with picking ATS for quite awhile. Take into consideration many factors that many miss!! I was leading in points on the straight up picks until the last several weeks and finished 5th also with Eagles60. Thank You! ………Ed

      1. Dale….. My name is Ed Schleinkofer…. I was Eagles60 in the ATS Confidence Pool Picks. I’m trying to get my Amazon gift card for taking first place. No one has contacted me yet. I’ve emailed the pool twice with no answer. Thanks in advance! Eddie as Eagles60.

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