Week 2 Regular Confidence Pool Picks

Welcome to Week 2! Here are the scores from last week and the preliminary picks for this week.

Scores from last week:

  • Base pick: 79
  • High Risk: 74
  • Med Risk:66
  • Some Risk: 87

We had four money picks hit in Week 1: TBB, NYJ, CLE, and DET (DET was an early money pick).

How did you do last week?
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Here are this weeks’ FREE base picks.

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Here are the Week 2 picks and summary!

Higher Risk Picks (Bright Green):

  1. CAR over NOS: (39% Win Probability, 8% Picked)
  2. MIN over PHI: (29%, 5%)
  3. SEA over DET: (31%, 7%)

The Carolina Panthers are leading our Higher Risk underdog picks this week with a great 39% shot at a win against the New Orleans Saints, and only 8% of participants are backing them. The Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks also present higher risk opportunities with win probabilities around 30% and low pick rates.

Medium Risk Picks (Dark Green):

  1. TEN over LAC: (40% Win Probability, 12% Picked)
  2. NEP over MIA: (40%, 13%)
  3. ATL over GBP: (48%, 27%)

Kicking off our Medium Risk underdog picks, the Tennessee Titans are looking solid with a 40% win probability against the Los Angeles Chargers and only 12% of participants on their side. The New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons follow closely, both with win probabilities in the 40s, making them potential contrarian picks.

Saturday update: TEN win probability has increased, making it an even better medium risk pick. The Falcons win probability has increased by a whopping 8%, making them a really good dark green pick.

Suggested picks by risk

See our NFL Weekly Confidence Pool Picks: The Basics post or How to make confidence pool picks for beginners – 2023 update video for for more info.

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