Here are the picks for Week 8:

Blue pick (lowest risk): LAR makes the list again, BUF joins at over 85%

Yellow pick (medium risk): Two good picks here, KC and CIN. Both only have 6 expected wins remaining, but check on Mahomes’s status.

Green pick (high risk, high rewards): None worth it this week.

My pick: Going with the Cincinnati this week in my regular league, and Kansas City in the big league.

To review:

Win probability: This is the most important. If you lose you get a strike or if you’re in a one strike pool, you’re out. So you want teams that have a high shot of winning.

Remaining wins: These are how many wins a team is predicted to have left this season (remaining wins is total predicted wins minus current wins). This is important because you can only pick a team once in a year, and if a team is really good and will win a lot of games in the season, you would want to save them for later picks.

% picked: This tells us how much of the public has picked this team. With all else being equal, you want to pick a team that less people have picked.