2021 Week 9 Confidence Pool Picks

Welcome to Week 9!

Here are your PREMIUM picks.

[confidence page=\”premium_pick\” week=\’9\’ season=\’2021\’]

Green Picks: MIN has a 30% win percentage and is only being picked 5%. HOU boasts an 28% win percentage and is picked 8%.

Saturday Update: MIN win percentage went down by 1%.

Yellow Picks: PHI has a 45% win percentage and is being picked 15%. NYG has a 38% chance to win and is being picked 12%. KC has a 58% win percentage and is being picked only 22% of the time. SF is also a great pick with  a 49% win percentage and 12% picked.

Wednesday Update: KC\’s win odds have increased to 77% and is still picked only 22%. We expect KC\’s pick rate to increase. SF has also been added.

Thursday Update: KC is now a blue pick. If you were counting on KC to take more risk, you may want to consider another yellow pick.

Saturday Update: NYG\’s odds to win have increased to 43% and their pick rate went to 19%. SF win probability has increased to 50% and their being picked at 17%.

Blue Picks: No blue picks this week!

Thursday update: More people have flowed over to KC after the Rodgers news, so now it\’s been downgraded to a blue pick (some risk, some reward). 

And here are the low, medium, and high risk picks for the week:

[confidence page=\”risk_team\” week=\’9\’ season=\’2021\’]


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