2021 Week 18 Confidence Pool Picks

Well we made it through to week 18! Thanks for being part of this journey this year. For this week, we will open up all the premium content for everyone as a preview for what a premium member gets with a subscription.

Before we get to this week\’s picks, I\’d like to get some feedback from all of you. Please make selections in the poll below and feel free to add in anything you\’d like.

How did you do last week?
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Week 17 Recap: 

Rough week for us, as none of our 5 money picks hit. You win some you lose some.

So let\’s go on to Week 18. First games are on Saturday, so we do have some time before picks need to be entered.

How did you do last week?
13 votes

Here are your PREMIUM picks.

[confidence page=\”premium_pick\” week=\’18\’ season=\’2021\’]

Green Picks: 1. DET (45% win prob, 9% picked) 2. CAR (22%, 1%)  3. SEA (26%, 6%). The GB vs DET game is showing as a great money pick, since the Packers have nothing to play for. Keep an eye on this one, as the Packers\’ coach is saying he wants to play all the starters but we\’ll see. Also, the crowd may start figuring it out too and the pick percentage may go up for DET.

1/7 update: DET (37%, 10%) win probability has dropped significantly, probably on the news that LaFleur wants to play the starters. However, they\’re still only 10% picked, so still a green pick. Just not as good as before.

Yellow Picks: 1. CLE (46%, 16%) 2. CHI (42%, 20%), 3. SF (34%, 15%). CLE is the upset pick here, as CIN has almost nothing to play for other than a longshot at getting two home field playoff games.

1/7 update: CLE\’s (72%, 23%) win probability has shot up with the news that CIN will be resting Joe Burrow and have others on the COVID list. However, people are catching on as the % picked has gone up to 23%. As of now it\’s a great low risk high reward pick, just need to see if people catch on and the % picked starts going up.

Blue Picks: No blue picks this week. The CLE yellow pick is better than a blue pick.

And here are the low, medium, and high risk picks for the week:

[confidence page=\”risk_team\” week=\’18\’ season=\’2021\’]

Thanks for a great season! If you\’ve done well and would like to share the winnings or buy us a cup of coffee, leave us a tip in our virtual tip jar:


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