Week 17 Survivor Pool Picks

Here are the picks for Week 17 according to Moneyline picks. I’ve also included the team’s win probability for Week 18 according to FiveThirtyEight.com. If you’re still in it, you’re getting close to the win!

To review:

Win probability: This is the most important. If you lose you get a strike or if you’re in a one strike pool, you’re out. So you want teams that have a high shot of winning.

Remaining wins: These are how many wins a team is predicted to have left this season (remaining wins is total predicted wins minus current wins). This is important because you can only pick a team once in a year, and if a team is really good and will win a lot of games in the season, you would want to save them for later picks.

Update: This has been replaced with the average win probability for the next 3 weeks. The rest of season win probability chart gives specific win probabilities for each of the remaining weeks to help you plan. 

Update 12/28: I’ve added the Week 18 win probability for each team

% picked: This tells us how much of the public has picked this team. With all else being equal, you want to pick a team that less people have picked.

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