Week 6 Regular Confidence Pool Picks

Hello fellow Confidence Pool Competitors! We hope everyone enjoyed the first five weeks of the 2022 NFL Season! There were some upsets and fantastic matchups during this past week. One of our Green, yellow, and our blue picks hit. What a game between the Giants and Packers, Saquon Barkley is having a fantastic season this year. He might be having a season like Christian McCaffrey did for 2019! Hopefully some of you were able to take advantage of our pick selections and won some matchups! Note: Our first bye week this season starts this week (Texans and Lions)! Therefore, there will only be 14 matchups. Without further ado, here are the Week 6 picks and analysis.

Scores from last week:

  • Base pick: 92
  • High Risk: 67
  • Med Risk: 77
  • Some Risk: 80

Total season base pick score: 432

How did you do last week?
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Regarding the risk table, we have decided to remove the “blue pick” for our suggestions. We realized that in the high risk pick column, even if the high risk green pick hit, the person may still not win the week. Therefore, we decided to take more risks and add an additional yellow pick. Now, our high risk column is our best yellow and best green pick, while our middle column is our best green selection only, and the some risk column is our best yellow selection.

Hope this is helpful, good luck!

See our NFL Weekly Confidence Pool Picks: The Basics post or How to make NFL Pick ‘Em Confidence Pool Picks – step by step video for for more info.

6 thoughts on “Week 6 Regular Confidence Pool Picks”

  1. Stephen Dick

    Why are the base picks in the “Premium Chart” different from the base picks in the “Suggested Pick by Risk” chart?

  2. Sandor Verstrepen

    “Scores from Last Week” is a great addition!

    Also, maybe a quick breakdown of Blue, Yellow, and green. For example, Blue was 1/1, yellow was 2/4, and green was 2/5. A spreadsheet-type summary for each week might be good too, so you can see how the various risk levels have done over time.

  3. Stephen Dick

    I really like the “Scores from Last Week” data. I would be interested in seeing that data on weeks 1 through 4. It could be useful when subscribers are trying to make their picks.

    Accumulative data (ongoing totals for each week) would also be useful.

    1. For sure! We can do the pics from previous weeks. The reason why I didn’t do a cumulative for each pick is because if you’re going for high risk you’re not going for a season win, only a weekly win. But we can publish it!

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