Week 7 Regular Confidence Pool Picks

Hello fellow Confidence Pool Picks participants, we hope everyone enjoyed week 6 of the NFL Season. Our green picks of Falcons, Steelers, and Jets all hit! Unfortunately, our yellow picks did not. Best of luck to this week. Without further adieu, below are the picks and analysis (for premium subscribers).

Scores from last week:

  • Base pick: 49
  • High Risk: 45
  • Med Risk: 38
  • Some Risk: 56

Total season base pick score: 481

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Regarding the risk table, we have decided to remove the “blue pick” for our suggestions. We realized that in the high risk pick column, even if the high risk green pick hit, the person may still not win the week. Therefore, we decided to take more risks and add an additional yellow pick. Now, our high risk column is our best yellow and best green pick, while our middle column is our best green selection only, and the some risk column is our best yellow selection. Best of luck, hope this is more helpful!

See our NFL Weekly Confidence Pool Picks: The Basics post or How to make NFL Pick ‘Em Confidence Pool Picks – step by step video for for more info.

13 thoughts on “Week 7 Regular Confidence Pool Picks”

  1. The write-up claims that WAS is the best green pick of the week yet it doesn’t show up in either of your Suggested Picks By Risk. CLE is the green pick for both Med. & High risk. What’s the reason for the change? Thanks.

    1. Hey Jeff, WAS is higher win prob but higher picked %, while CLE is lower win prob but also lower picked %. So it’s pretty much a tradeoff. We went with the higher risk/reward for the suggested picks, but the write-up went with WAS as the better value. We’ll be more consistent with it in the future.

  2. Maybe this has been asked/ talked about bout how does the Thursday night game get changed after it’s been played. It was Arizona with 2 then the game was played and now the latest update was Arizona with 4? It likes this every week I feel like.

    1. Dustin, yes the game should be locked in at the points given, but my limited spreadsheet skills haven’t been able to make that work yet… Meanwhile please slot in the picks around the locked game while I work on it!

  3. Stephen Dick

    If you play in a pool that drops the lowest confidence point teams during bye weeks, like I do, here are the Scores from last week (Confidence points: 16 down to 3):

    Base pick: 71
    High Risk: 62
    Med Risk: 53
    Some Risk: 74

    I played the “some risk” column and 74 points was enough to win the 14 player pool I participate in. Payout is $140 for a weekly winner and $280 for the season long winner. Currently, I am in first place with 504 points for the season but only by seven (7) points and there’s still a long road ahead.

  4. Ryan Mazurek

    Jacksonville over the Giants? Is that right? If it is then Jax is a great blue pick. But something tells me that’s a data entry error.

    1. Double checked it, sure enough Jax is favored. Let me see why it didn’t pick Jacksonville as a yellow pick, maybe it’s so good it broke the sheet.

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