Week 11 Regular Confidence Pool Picks

Here are the early picks, along with the recap for week 10!

Week 10 had 6 upsets, with 3 of them being our money picks: HOU, CLE, and ARI. No one went all in on the Houston pick in the CPP league, would’ve been a great contrarian pick! Way to go CJ Stroud. The CPP Wild Ting pick (my pick) was Denver since I didn’t want to go with picks everyone already knew about, and it hit even though Sean Payton figured it’d be a good idea to have your kicker run onto the field with time running out instead of stopping the clock for the potential game winner.

Congrats to Tatly, who took no less than 6 upset picks and hitting on 4 of them, for beating me for 1st place. Last year we took a look at picking multiple upset picks at lower scores as a potential strategy, taking 6 is taking it to the next level!

In the non-premium CBS league, Anthony Kromk took first with a small Arizona upset but keeping with the favorites mostly.

Scores from last week:

  • Base pick: 60
  • High Risk: 57
  • Med Risk: 49
  • Some Risk: 67

Total season base pick score: 818

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Since we’re a little over halfway done with the season, I wanted to see what kind of features you’d like to see next for ConfidencePoolPicks! Vote below, feel free to add your own suggestions:

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