Week 18 Regular Confidence Pool Picks

First off, best wishes to Damar Hamlin. We all pray for his recovery.

We do thank you for being a part of ConfidencePoolPicks.com this year. As usual, for the last week of the year, I like to put out a poll to get feedback from you on how to make the site better. Please respond below and add any other thoughts you might have!

What CPP features did you like? Which features would you like to see?

Please see below for this week’s choices. Best of luck, and thank you again for participating/subscribing to CPP for 2022-2023 season.

Scores from last week:

  • Base pick: 114
  • High Risk: 104
  • Med Risk: 99
  • Some Risk: 119

Total season base pick score: 1453

How did you do last week?
195 votes

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10 thoughts on “Week 18 Regular Confidence Pool Picks”

  1. Gerald Switalski

    Hi Dale,my Wisconsin pool players will all be going high points on sunday night packers game,this is the last game and i have a two point lead in the standings,I know you said stay with base pick but should I move the Packers up?

  2. Justin Wybenga

    There’s been so much movement in the lines late this week, any chance we could get an updated pick list / %’s before tomorrow’s games?
    Thanks Dale, this is a great service, I’ll def be signing up again next year!

  3. Annette Widlacki

    Hi are this week’s picks based on who needs the win more or who nothing to play for? Se teams may ne resting starters.
    I look forward to your picks and I appreciate your page. Thank you.

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