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I’m an engineer by education, and a big sports fan, which follows that I enjoy analytics. I’m a big Packer fan, and a proud owner of 1 share of Packers stock and number 34,831 on the season ticket list. I was also born in Dallas, which makes my dad a Dallas Cowboys fan (and trickled down to me as well). Not a bad 2 teams to be a fan of (6 Superbowls and 5 Superbowl wins in my lifetime).

2021-2022 Playoffs – BONUS content

Hello and welcome to Week 1 of the NFL Playoffs! Back by popular demand, here are picks for the first week: Green Pick: If you're looking for a high risk upset pick, PHI is the pick at 22% win probability with only 4% picked. Yellow Pick: A slightly less risky upset pick will be NE at 35% win probability and 19%

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2021 Wrap Up

Wow, what an end to the NFL season! I for one am still arguing about the Raiders shotgun kneel down formation (sarcasm), but we'll keep it to Confidence Pools. :) Thanks so much for being a part of it this year. Thanks to everyone who's given feedback on what they like and what they want to see in the future. If

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2021 CPP regular, against the spread, and survivor pool winners

This year, ConfidencePoolPicks.com had our very own regular, against the spread, and survivor pool games for people on our email list (you can join our email list for free here). I would also like to announce the winners and call out some of my favorite team names as well. Here are the winners for this year: Regular Straight-up Confidence Picks @DaColts

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Week 18 Survivor Pool Picks

If this still pertains to you, congrats you've made it all the way to Week 18! Please let us know your feedback for this year: If you did well or would just like to show your gratitude for this free service, click on the virtual tip jar to leave a tip: Leave a tip Here are the final picks

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2021 Week 18 Confidence Pool Picks

Well we made it through to week 18! Thanks for being part of this journey this year. For this week, we will open up all the premium content for everyone as a preview for what a premium member gets with a subscription. Before we get to this week's picks, I'd like to get some feedback from all of you. Please make

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