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I’m an engineer by education, and a big sports fan, which follows that I enjoy analytics. I’m a big Packer fan, and a proud owner of 1 share of Packers stock and number 34,831 on the season ticket list. I was also born in Dallas, which makes my dad a Dallas Cowboys fan (and trickled down to me as well). Not a bad 2 teams to be a fan of (6 Superbowls and 5 Superbowl wins in my lifetime).

2019 Week 1 Premium Picks

Hello and welcome to Week 1 of the 2019 season! We have a fresh new look and a fresh new perspective. The tables this year will look different. They're going to be responsive (i.e. they'll change size depending on how big of a screen or phone you're looking at). And I'm no longer using a bunch of Google spreadsheets! If

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***Pardon our dust*** (blog post)

We’re working on a new site design for the 2019 season… So you may see some random stuff. Don’t worry, we’ll be back and better than ever! If you want to see a sneak preview on what we’re working on, check out this page. Meanwhile, I’d like to introduce “Best Ball Badger” who’s guest posting about another great fantasy football game, Best

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