2021 CPP regular, against the spread, and survivor pool winners

This year, ConfidencePoolPicks.com had our very own regular, against the spread, and survivor pool games for people on our email list (you can join our email list for free here). I would also like to announce the winners and call out some of my favorite team names as well. Here are the winners for this year: Regular Straight-up Confidence Picks @DaColts

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2021 College Football Bowl Confidence Picks

Hello all! I got a couple of requests for college bowl confidence picks. I didn't have time to do my own, but I did find a good resource and put my two cents into it. Here's the site I found that had confidence picks: ​https://www.thelines.com/college-football-bowl-game-pool-picks-2021/ I took their data and organized it into a chart that CPP readers would be familiar

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Halfway point: I’m not doing too well. Any suggestions?

I recently received an email from member Robert L. asking me this: "I’m not doing too well this year. I’m 55 points behind leader in 68 person league. Any suggestions?" I figure it'd be a good time to do a little mid-season update and strategy check. I'm sure many of you are in the same boat as Robert. In my league,

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CPP Doctor Diagnosis #3: Time to take (the right) risk

Thank you to Charlie (aka "Chuckles") for submitting his team and league for our third CPP Doctor Diagnosis! Here's the bottom of the standings for Charlie's league... and unfortunately, that's where Charlie's team is: And here's his week 15 picks, where unfortunately he's last: The good news is, if you're lower in the standings, you have nothing to lose and can

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