CPP Doctor Diagnosis #3: Time to take (the right) risk

Thank you to Charlie (aka "Chuckles") for submitting his team and league for our third CPP Doctor Diagnosis! Here's the bottom of the standings for Charlie's league... and unfortunately, that's where Charlie's team is: And here's his week 15 picks, where unfortunately he's last: The good news is, if you're lower in the standings, you have nothing to lose and can

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NCAA College Football Bowl Confidence Picks

Hello all, I had a couple requests for college bowl games. I'm not sure if there's a standard format for them, but figure I'd cobble something together and hope it's useful for you all! I basically ranked all the teams based on win probability. The percent picked numbers were from a CBS website, but they may be based off of a

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Guest: WinThatPool.com founder Tom Anichini

When I first started ConfidencePoolPicks.com, I kept looking for other sources I could learn from. I found WinThatPool.com and followed it throughout the years. It seems like their win probabilities were pretty accurate, and I’ve always wanted to find out if there was a way to incorporate it into our picks here.  This year, I saw a post that WinThatPool.com was […]

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