2021 Week 10 Confidence Pool Picks

Welcome to Week 10!

We\’re at the halfway point. Are you doing well? Doing bad? One reader isn\’t doing so well and is asking for advice, so we wrote up a blog post:

Halfway point: I\’m not doing too well, any suggestions (link to this: http://confidencepoolpicks.com/halfway-point-im-not-doing-too-well-any-suggestions/)

Week 9 Recap: 2 of our money picks hit last week! NYG was able to beat LAS with a balanced attack 23-16. KC showed no love as they won and beat GB 13-7. MIN and PHI were close but just came up short.

Here are your PREMIUM picks.

[confidence page=\”premium_pick\” week=\’10\’ season=\’2021\’]

Green Picks: WSH has a 20% win probability but is only 2% picked. SF has a 33% win probability and is being picked 6%. Lastly, MIA  has a 25% win probability and is 4% picked.

Thursday Update: WSH still has s 20% win probability but is only picked 1% now. SF pick percentage went down by 1%. MIA win percentage went down by 2%. Their win probability stayed the same.

Yellow Picks: NO has a 41% win probability, while being picked 11%. MIN is a repeat money pick this week with a 43% win probability and is being picked 20%.

Thursday Update: MIN pick percentage went down to 18%.

Saturday Update: NO pick percentage is up to 12%. MIN pick percentage went up to 19%.

Blue Picks: No blue picks this week.

And here are the low, medium, and high risk picks for the week:

[confidence page=\”risk_team\” week=\’10\’ season=\’2021\’]


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