9 thoughts on “2022 Week 1 Against the Spread Confidence Picks”

  1. HotLilGiantsHoney

    I can’t seem to get to the against the spread picks. When I click on my link from yesterdays email, it takes me to week one. Help!

    1. Chris are you talking about Week 2 Against the Spread? In that case NE is the favorite but most people are picking PIT to beat the spread, so our play is NE to cover.

      1. Hi Joe, these are the premium picks. After week 2 they will only be available for Premium members. Here’s a video for how to use these picks:

        Or this post:

        If you’re looking for regular confidence picks, you can see them here: https://confidencepoolpicks.com/nfl-weekly-confidence-pool-picks-the-basics/

        Are you looking for something different? Like some commentary on these picks?

  2. Hi there. I have signed up for the Premium Picks but can’t seem to find the full page for Premium picks. Can you get me there?

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